Centre for Biodiversity Theory and Modelling

The Centre for Biodiversity Theory and Modelling seeks to lay the theoretical foundations of an integrative biodiversity science able to meet the great challenges of the current biodiversity crisis.

Its scientific mission is to foster the development of unifying theories and predictive models of biodiversity changes and of their ecological, evolutionary, and societal causes and consequences.

The Centre promotes collaborative research. It is home to a vibrant research group, but it also hosts international working groups, workshops, and visitors.




- Thursday 17 novembre in Moulis. Luc Doyen - GREThA - University of Bordeaux.


- Further recruitment postings at a later date.


- Resilience, Invariability, and Ecological Stability across Levels of Organization. bioRxiv

- Multiple metrics of diversity have different effects on temperate forest functioning over succession. Oecologia

- Soil fauna: key to new carbon models. SOIL

- Evolution of a butterfly dispersal syndrome. Proceedings of the Royal Society B

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