Anne-Sophie Auguères

Research interests

I am interested in the role of organisms in the regulation of biogeochemical cycles of nutrients at global scales, especially in the ocean. I develop theoretical models to assess the ability of organisms to regulate global biogeochemical cycles and to determine the processes that control the efficiency of biotic regulation in the context of global change.
I build models based on the theory of resources-consumers interactions in an environment where the access to resources is limited. Resource access limitation can be either physical (i.e. physical barriers prevent the biotic uptake of nutrients in part of the system) or chemical (i.e. organisms are unable to assimilate all the chemical forms of nutrients). I use a generic model valid for these two kinds of resource access limitation to elucidate the ability of organisms to regulate nutrient pools to which they do not have direct access.
I apply this generic model to the case of the oceanic cycles of nitrogen, phosphorus and iron to study the processes that explain the constancy of deep-water N:P ratio, while organisms are supposed to inefficiently regulate nutrient pools to which they do not have a direct access. I also use this model to address the issue of which of nitrogen, phosphorus or iron limits the global primary production in the ocean at large time scale.


  • Auguères A.-S. and Loreau M. (2016)  Biotic regulation of non-limiting nutrient pools and coupling of biogeochemical cycles. Ecological Modelling 334, 17 - [doi: 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2016.04.016]. Download
  • Auguères A.-S. and Loreau M. (2015) Can organisms regulate global biogeochemical cycles? Ecosystems. 18: 813825. Download
  • Auguères A.-S. and Loreau M. (2015)  Regulation of Redfield ratios in the deep ocean. Global Biogeochem. Cycles. 29: 254-266. Download


- 2012- present: Ph.D. in Ecology, University of Toulouse III (France). Subject: Biotic regulation of global biogeochemical cycles. Supervisor: Michel Loreau.

- 2012: Master's degree in Marine Biology and Ecology, Pythéas Institute (Marseilles, France).

- 2010: Bachelor's degree in Marine and Environmental Sciences, Oceanological Center of Marseilles (Marseilles, France).