Audrey Valls

Postdoctoral Fellow at the CBTM in 2015-2016


Research Interests

My research interests encompass the understanding of ecological systems functioning and dynamics, as well as the assessment and prediction of the potential effects of human activities on these systems. Questions related to the resilience of natural systems and to the sustainability of human societies are both critical regarding the future of our biosphere.
My goal is to predict the long-term dynamics of the interactions between human and nature. I intend to develop a theoretical ecological model to explore the conditions under which socio-ecological systems may collapse.


  • Colléter M.*, Valls A.*, Guitton J., Gascuel D., Pauly D., and Christensen V.. (2015)  Global overview of the applications of the Ecopath with Ecosim modeling approach using the EcoBase models repository. Ecological Modelling. 302:42-53. *co-first authors Download
  • Valls A., Coll M. and Christensen V.  (2015)  Keystone species: toward an operational concept for marine biodiversity conservation. Ecological Monographs. 85:29-47. Download
  • Prato G., Gascuel D., Valls A. and Francour P. (2014)  Balancing complexity and feasibility in Mediterranean coastal food-web models: uncertainty and constraints. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 512:71-88. Download
  • Colléter M., Gascuel D., Albouy C., Francour P., Tito de Morais L., Valls A. and Le Loc'h F. (2014)  Fishing inside or outside? A case studies analysis of potential spillover effect from marine protected areas, using food web models. Journal of Marine Systems. 139:383-395.
  • Coll M., Cury P., Azzurro E., Bariche M., Bayadas G., Bellido J.M., Chaboud C., Claudet J., El-Sayed A.-F., Gascuel D., Knittweis L., Pipitone C., Samuel-Rhoads Y., Taleb S., Tudela S., Valls A. and Participants (2013) The scientific strategy needed to promote a regional ecosystem-based approach to fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries. 1-20. Download
  • Valls A., Gascuel D., Guénette S. and Francour P. (2012)  Modeling trophic interactions to assess the effects of a marine protected area: case study in the NW Mediterranean Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 456:201214. Download


  • Valls A., Coll M. and Christensen V. Keystone species: a restored and operational concept to inform marine biodiversity conservation. Ecopath 30 years Conference, Barcelona (S), November 2014 (Oral presentation)
  • Valls A., Coll M. and Christensen V. Application du concept d’espèce clé de voûte pour la conservation des écosystèmes marins : une question d’échelles? 11e Forum Halieumétrique, Bordeaux (F), June 2013 (Oral presentation)
  • Valls A., Palomares D., Link J. and Christensen V. Predicting species diet composition in marine food web models. 6th World Fisheries Congress, Edinburgh (UK), May 2012 (Oral presentation)
  • Valls A., Cheung W. and Christensen V. Index of overall vulnerability to fishing for marine species. 2nd ICES/PICES Conference for Early Career Scientists, Majorca (S), April 2012 (Poster presentation)
  • Valls A., Cheung W. and Christensen V. Predicting future changes in marine biodiversity. World Conference on Marine Biodiversity 2011, Aberdeen (UK), September 2011 (Oral presentation)

Workshops & Meetings

  • The Nereus Program, 3rd Annual Meeting, Duke University, Durham (USA), May 2014 (Oral presentation)
  • "EwE Introductory Workshop", BRITE Workshop, University of British Columbia, Vancouver (CA), September 2013 (Instructor)
  • "Ecopath Programming Course", BRITE Workshop, University of British Columbia, Vancouver (CA), April 2013 (Participant)
  • The Nereus Program, 2nd Annual Meeting, Princeton University, Princeton (USA), February 2013 (Oral presentation)
  • CREAM Project WP6 Workshop, IRD, Sète (F), July 2012 (Invited speaker)
  • The Nereus Program, 1st Annual Meeting, University of British Columbia, Vancouver (CA), February 2012 (Oral presentation)
  • "Creating your own research database", BRITE Workshop, University of British Columbia, Vancouver (CA), February 2011 (Participant)
  • ClimECO2 International Summer School, European Institute for Marine Studies, Brest (F), August 2010 (Poster presentation)
  • AMPHORE Project WP5 Meeting, IFREMER, Nantes (F), November 2009 (Oral presentation)

Awards & Scholarships

  • 2011-2014: The Nippon Foundation University of British Columbia Nereus Program Fellowship
  • 2012: The UBC Graduate Student International Research Mobility Award


- March 2015 - February 2016
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Centre for Biodiversity Theory and Modelling, Station d'Ecologie Expérimentale de Moulis, CNRS (Moulis, France).
Supervisor: Dr. Michel Loreau

- March 2010 December 2014
PhD Program (Nippon Foundation - UBC Nereus Program), Fisheries Centre, Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada).
Supervisor: Dr. Villy Christensen

- June July 2012
Visiting Student, Department of Renewable Marine Resources, Institute of Marine Science (Barcelona, Spain).
Supervisor: Dr. Marta Coll

- March April 2010
Online tutoring to MSc students in Fisheries Science, ENVAM program, University of Rennes (Rennes, France).
Supervisor: Dr. Didier Gascuel

- October December 2009
Research Assistant (ANR AMPHORE project), Agrocampus Ouest (Rennes, France) & University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (Nice, France).
Supervisors: Dr. Patrice Francour and Dr. Didier Gascuel

- February September 2009
MSc Internship (ANR AMPHORE project), Agrocampus Ouest (Rennes, France) & University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (Nice, France).
Co-supervisors: Dr. Patrice Francour, Dr. Didier Gascuel and Dr. Sylvie Guenette

- September 2006 September 2009
Engineering Program in Agronomy & Fisheries Science, ENSAT-INPT (Toulouse, France) & Agrocampus Ouest (Rennes, France)

- June August 2008
Internship, Department of Marine and Ecological Sciences, Florida Gulf Coast University (Fort Myers, Florida).
Supervisor: Dr. Aswani Volety