Béatrice Roure

Research interests

My main work is to develop a modelling platform in the ANAEE-France project, a network that links experimentation and analysis platforms studying continental ecosystems. This platform will facilitate access to and building of models for the research on ecosystems dynamics coupled with an evolutionary approach. Within the context of ANAEE-France, this tool will also offer help to compare simulation results with data produced by the experimental and analytical platforms.
In the phylogenomics domain, I am also interested by the quality of the alignments used to infer phylogenies and their impact on the accuracy of the trees.

Selected papers

  • Roure B., Baurain D. and Philippe H. (2013)  Impact of missing data on phylogenies inferred from empirical phylogenomic datasets. MBE 30(1):197-214
  • Philippe H. and Roure B. (2011)  Difficult phylogenetic questions: more data, maybe; better methods, certainly. BMC Biol. 9:91
  • Roure B. and Philippe H. (2011)  Site-specific time heterogeneity of the substitution process and its impact on phylogenetic inference.BMC Evol Biol. 11:17
  • Roure B., Rodriguez-Ezpeleta N. and Philippe H. (2007)  SCaFoS: a tool for Selection, Concatenation and Fusion of Sequences for phylogenomics. BMC Evol.Biol. 7 (Suppl 1):S2

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