TheoMoDive Research Group

Integrative theories and models for the study of biodiversity

Biodiversity loss is, alongside with climate change, one of the greatest challenges that societies will face during the present and following centuries. This is why integrative scientific approaches to study biodiversity are rising and links between research and decision-making are being strengthened by the recently created intergovernmental science-policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. However, the scientific community dedicated to the study of biodiversity does not yet have access to powerful integrative tools, such as those available to climatologists for predicting climate changes, like global circulation models. Integrating multiple factors of biodiversity change, multiple taxonomic and functional groups, and the effects of biodiversity changes on the functioning and dynamics of ecological and social systems in biodiversity modelling is still a major scientific challenge. Therefore careful consideration of the relevance, feasibility and limitations of integrative predictive biodiversity models is needed.

The Groupement De Recherche Théorie et Modélisation de la Biodiversité - GDR TheoMoDive ("Theory and Modelling of Biodiversity” Research Group) has been set up to provide the French scientific community with a platform where different approaches can be assessed and the research efforts of different groups can be coordinated to catalyze the elaboration of a solid body of fundamental theory, as well as predictive models of biodiversity changes and their impacts on ecological and social systems.

TheoMoDive’s main themes of research are centered on a few hot topics, in which the French scientific community has specific strengths. The working groups linked to these themes bring together research teams that are at the forefront of theoretical research on these topics internationally. By stimulating scientific debates, the confrontation of different theoretical developments and their application to empirical data, the TheoMoDive working groups aim to contribute to the emergence of more robust and powerful theories and models.


  • The next General Meeting will take place in Moulis from the 15th until the 17th of October 2019.

More information on the TheoMoDive website.