Alexandre Garreau

Centre for Biodiversity Theory and Modelling
Station d’Ecologie Théorique et Expérimentale du CNRS
09200 Moulis, France

Phone: +33 (0) 5 61 04 03 83


Research interests

My experience as technician of natural and geo-anthopised environment taught me how to handle many laboratory protocols, in microbiology, chemistry but also experimental ones, in order to help researchers to get the data they need. My skills in the field allow me to have a good knowledge in freshwater hydrobiology and of the functioning of hydro systems, of sampling techniques, measurements and data collection, with expertise in experimental instrumentation.

I will work on the technical part of the new experimental platform within the FRAGCLIM project, on the maintenance of the mesocosm, and data collection. I hope to be able to apply my experience in experimental ecology (new domain for me), to discover new techniques, and be part of a unique ecology experimental platform.

Summary CV

- 2017 : Experimental Ecology Assistant - CNRS Moulis.
- 2013 - 2017 Technician of natural and geo-anthropised environments, GEOLAB UMR6042 - CNRS, Clermont-Ferrand.
- 2011 - 2013 High Level Technician Degree, Quality in Bio-Industries, Clermont-Ferrand.


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  • Beauger A., Wetzel C.E., Voldoire O., Garreau A. and Ector E. (2016) Sellaphora labernardierei (Sellaphoraceae, Bacillariophyta), a new epilithic species from French spring and four new combinations within the genus Sellaphora. Phytotaxa.
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